Anthemis Cosmetics

Sürdürülebilirlik temelinde, sürekli iyileştirilen, çevre ve canlı dostu bakım ürünlerini, en üst düzey hammaddeler ve teknolojiler ile iyi kalitede, yüksek performanslı, güvenilir olarak tüketicilere sunmaktadır.

Anthemis Pharma Laboratory

It has its own Anthemis Pharma Laboratory in a 2000 m² manufacturing plant which was designed according to ISO 9001 Standards. New product research and development and stability studies are also conducted in our Anthemis Pharma Laboratory.
Business Hours
Weekdays : 09:00 : 18:00
Weekends : Closed
Deri OSB Mah.
Kumpas Cad. No: 15/A
+90 216 640 00 20
New product researches are constantly conducted by following global trends, scientific innovations and current regulations. Products that will be beneficial for and meet the expectations of the customers are planned.
Development and improvement studies are conducted for the products to better meet the consumer expectations. With technological and scientific improvements, the development activities for both existing and new products are carried out. Trends that will guide the development of products both in terms of ingredients and packaging are followed, and sustainable and healthier developments are made.
Required certifications and physical improvement activities are consistently carried out in the production area for the production standards to meet global expectations.
To protect the planet we live in and environment and to fight climate change, energy consumption is considered carefully and our waste is reduced and recycled.
Anthemis Cosmetics has world-class quality certificates. Our production facilities are designed according to ISO 9001 standards.We also provide reliability and quality to our clients by obtaining quality certificates such as GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice), Halal Production and Vegan Product production certificates.

All of our products can be tracked over the UTS system.

Our product development team researches consumer expectations and new trends.
Available products and new products that need to be developed are decided.
Product tests and notices are prepared.
The production process is completed.
“Safe products are produced at affordable prices, of purity and quality that can be used even by children.”

New Products

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