Anthemis Cosmetics produces high-quality, high-performance, safe personal care products with the high quality raw materials and technology.

Anthemis Cosmetics has its own Anthemis Pharma Laboratory in a 2000 m² manufacturing plant which was designed according to ISO 9001 Standards. New product research and development and stability studies are also conducted in our Anthemis Pharma Laboratory. Essential routine controls of the produced products are primarily carried out in our laboratory.

All raw materials to be used in production are primarily checked in Anthemis Pharma Laboratories to ensure quality. Newly developed raw materials that will be more useful are followed by our expert teams and new generation raw material developments are made in the products. All necessary studies and tests are conducted in our Anthemis Pharma Laboratory to ensure quality and sustainability.

There is a 600 m2 clean room in the Anthemis Cosmetics production facility. The products are produced in a clean room with an automation system and clean air is provided with HEPA filters. Daily pH, hardness and conductivity analyzes are made of the water used in the production. Thanks to the reverse osmosis, there is a 24/7 moving water cycle in the water system used.

All products are produced in accordance with the legislation of the Ministry of Health and current legislation is constantly followed. All of our products can be tracked over the UTS system.

As Anthemis Cosmetics, we develop featured, innovative and beneficial products to meet your personal care needs.

Our wastes are separated and destroyed and recyclability is ensured.

Production is made with high quality raw materials accredited by international quality certificates.

The standards and satisfaction of our employees are carefully monitored all the time for the safety and healthy environment of the ISG.

All notifications are submitted to the Ministry of Health and compliance with the legislation is ensured before the products are offered for sale.
It aims to deliver safe and reliable products to the consumer in order to prevent cosmetic products from harming human health.

Our factory has a clean room of 600 m2 and is located in an indoor area of 2000 m2. Clean air is provided with HEPA filters and production is made with an automation system.

Thanks to the reverse osmosis, there is a 24/7 moving water cycle in the water system used. By this way, healthier production is made.

Anthemis Cosmetics has world-class quality certificates. Our production facilities are designed according to ISO 9001 standards. Moreover, they have GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice), Halal Production and Vegan Product certificates.

“We care about the health of every living being and our nature. Therefore, we DO NOT use parabens, phthalates, dyes, animal derived ingredients or triclosan in any of our products.”
Animal derived ingredients

Our Points of Sale

Our carefully produced products are brought together with our customers in discount markets, perfumeries and pharmacies in Turkey and in 20 other countries around the world.