Anthemis Cosmetics produces high-quality, high-performance, safe personal care products with the high quality raw materials and technology.

Cire Aseptine

A successful journey that started in France in 1926 and still has been continuing today… The new story of yesterday…

Cire Aseptine, an expert and pioneer in skin care products, especially in hand care, started to be recognized and loved throughout Europe in 1960. And since 1980, it has become the most preferred brand in hand care. You can safely provide the care that your skin deserves with the Cire Aseptine self care products which are not just pure and natural, but also their ingredients are free of harsh chemicals such as paraben, animal derived ingredients, dye, etc.


Your generations-long habit is with you even today! Tokalon, the first known foundation brand,offers its consumers high-quality make-up products, which has been ongoing since the first days. Today, it continues developing its products and offering them to the customers with new ingredients and accessible prices.

“Je m’appelle Tokalon.” • “My name is Tokalon.”

Foot Doctor

A gentle touch to your feet that are tired during the day…

Are you ready to feel the relief that starts from your feet and spreads to your whole body with Foot Doctor foot creams?

Let Foot Doctor be your best friend as it has all the products you need in the foot care category.


Shine with LeSoleil personal care products!

Self-care makes you feel better in your daily life and gives you an impressive appearance. Reflect your light with Le Soleil!

Pure Body Taylan Kümeli

Look good, feel good, live a good life!

Pure Body Taylan Kümeli is an anti-cellulite kit that was created with the power of nature and science and formulated with the experience and knowledge of an experienced diet and nutrition expert and advisor Taylan Kümeli. Pure Body Taylan Kümeli Anti-Cellulite Kit, which was prepared by a team who believes in the importance of loving your body and values the power of looking good, which boosts good feelings and well-being, offers a visible renewal and refreshment opportunity from the inside out when used regularly.