HAKKIMIZDAOur Quality Policy

As ANTHEMIS Pharma Cosmetics managers and employees, it is our duty and has been designated as the Quality Policy.

To be a reliable and sought-after company with an understanding that fully meets the needs and expectations of the customer in all processes,

To establish quality awareness in all employees,

To measure and improve the effectiveness of all our processes and to reduce risks in accordance with the continuous improvement approach,

To provide and carry out applicable conditions by constantly monitoring the effectiveness of the quality management system and making necessary improvements,

To protect our knowledge and assets and to be aware of the risks related to them, to comply with procedures and instructions, to reduce risks by taking regulatory and preventive actions and to ensure business continuity,

To develop the product range and sales network by continuously improving the technology we use, our product and service quality,

To protect the health and safety of employees by reducing work accidents and occupational diseases and to ensure continuous improvement by preventing errors caused by customer feedback,

To meet customer and consumer needs and expectations to ensure the satisfaction of the customer by customer-oriented principle with the participation of conscious employees equipped with effective management, communication and training,

To systematically evaluate customer feedback with an objective and transparent manner and to offer a solution that will please our clients,

To make the necessary plans and take preventive and protective measures in order to avoid major industrial accidents and to limit the possible negative effects on people and the environment,

To comply with internationally accepted ethical rules,

To protect the world we live in and our environment with the principle of Social Responsibility, to reduce risks and waste at source with the aim of contribution to the climate change mitigation and adaptation, protection of biological diversity and ecosystem, to share our efforts with our employees, customers, suppliers and society in order to use and recover natural resources optimally and to increase the use of renewable energy resources.